3 Trending Décor Styles For Radiator Covers

Radiators in your home maintain a cozy and warm environment which obviously everyone loves but it might look a bit awkward with respect to your home decor. Especially, the cast iron radiators are very much effective to provide the heat to the home environment but you can also turn them into a focal point of your home décor. You can simply try a few styles to cover them as well as turn them into beautiful pieces.

traditional radiator

These are a few trending styles that you can try:

Plant shelf – For this style, make sure your radiator is near the window because you will be putting plants on it and they will need proper air and light from window. You can ask your carpenter to build a frame around it in such a way that you can put your plants on it. If you are using a wooden shelf then make sure that it is well polished so that the wood won’t rot with water of the plants.

traditional radiator image

Seating Area – This would be a little similar to your plant shelf but it should be strong enough to support the weight of 3 to 4 humans. You can also prefer this kind of cover if the radiator is near window because sitting there would be very pleasant, especially in rainy season.

Hinged door covers – You can try this cover if you think that it is important to give regular maintenance and clearing service to your radiation. So, with hinged door, the area can be easily opened and maintained easily whenever you want to clean or repair it.