Tips For Different Types Of Furniture Cleaning

Furniture gives a special touch to the interior decoration of the space. To maintain its looks, you need to take care of the cleaning and maintenance. To maintain its beauty, you should keep them away from heat sources and avoid sunlight because these things can dry out the leather, rot upholstery fibers, paint finishes, and wood. You can seek the tips given by experts in Fl about how regular maintenance can keep the furniture shiny and give it a long life. If your furniture looks dull, then you can also hire furniture cleaning service from Homestead, FL.

Here are some tips for cleaning different types of furniture.

Leather Furniture : Leather furniture requires more care because it can crack and dry out in a few years. So, you should regularly clean the dust with a soft cloth. If you do not use it for many days, more dust will get collected on it. So, it is better to use a leather cleaning liquid to wipe the furniture. After some time rub with a dry sponge cloth.

Painted Furniture : Painted furniture is a good choice as they do not need more maintenance. You can wipe the dust with a soft cloth once in a week. Don’t leave even a small drop of water on its surface because water drops can leave its print. On old furniture, you may see scratches, faded paint, etc. In such a case, you might need painting them again.

Upholstery Furniture : If you buy upholstery furniture, keep it at a place where dust and sunlight can’t come. Use vacuum treatment weekly to remove the dust from it.